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If you are unable to perform any kind of gainful employment, you maybe eligible for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Insurance benefits or both. Unfortunately, the claims process can be long and frustrating. Most times a disabled person must file multiple appeals.


After you file the initial claim with the Social Security Administration you must wait for their decision.  If you are not awarded disability you must file an Appeal. If you are turned down again, you must Appeal the decision again. That is the time to contact us. We will then prepare you and your case for the Administrative Law Judge Hearing.


There is no cost to pursue the claim. Legal fees are paid on a contingency basis as set by the Federal Government. Successful claimants receive a check every month and, in most cases, a check for back benefits. Legal fees are paid out of those past due benefits only.


There is no fee for a consultation.

"I got the court news last night and I was just bowled over about it. I did want to thank you. It was a fabulous job that you did."

- Steve S. 


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